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proudly working with Medicaid as a Service Provider in Oregon APD #865719

You need two things to start the Medicaid bidding process.


  1. A prescription from your Physician or Therapist. 
  2. A Caseworker

If you do not have these two things and need to learn more about eligability for Oregons Medicaid K-plan, check out this page.

Step 1: Send us your Physicians Prescription
Step 2: We send you a bid for review
Step 3: We send the bid to your caseworker

We are a simple, small, family-owned business that only focuses on ramps and ramps alone. Many vendors will try to win the bid for your ramp and the other work in your prescription. These large companies may work with two or more contractors to win all items on your prescription. This one-stop-shop approach may cause them to be slow in providing your ramp. Waiting for the access ramp will keep you cooped up in your house and make interim appointments and checkups more difficult.


When bid approvals are swift so are our ramp installations. Because we only focus on ramps, we hold inventory and pride ourselves on best-in-class customer service with the ramp users’ needs in mind. We are Procision Ramps, and we are here for your ramp needs.

Procision Ramps, the #1 ramp contractor in the North West.

Our primary service area spans the I-5 Corridor from Eugene, Oregon, to Seattle, Washington and from the coast to the cascade range. With distribution hubs in Salem, OR, Portland, OR, and Tacoma, WA, we probably already have a professional installer in your area. Please reach out with questions.

We install statewide in Oregon and Washington if the costs fit your budget.

Procision Ramps are:


Safe, Slip resistant, ADA OSHA, and IBC Compliant

Durable and long-lasting



Frequently Asked Questions

ADA guidelines ensure that a ramp is safe and easy to navigate. We start with ADA guidelines when designing your ramp layout. If an ADA-compliant ramp is too long/large for your home, we can work together and find an alternative solution. Ramps to public institutions have to be ADA-compliant.

In most cases, you will not need a permit. Our ramps are considered temporary structures in most building codes. We build these ramps to be solid structures that last for years, even decades. No concrete footings are needed, and we can ramp over any ground cover. Once a ramp reaches a certain height, we must look up permitting requirements for your State and City. In this case, we will help you determine permit requirements and supply engineering documentation for submittal with your permit.

With a large selection of ramp and platform sizes, we can make your ramp safely turn, switch back, or run straight out as far as you need to travel. The modular nature of our ramps will give you that custom fit for any property.

The solid surface, our most popular option, has an extruded tread and features raised ribs to provide slip resistance and all-weather traction.

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the right ramp for you

OR CCB# 235236 | WA LIC# zconsc*790km

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